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Badges are cool. Badges / Buttons / Stamps are small little internet pictures that you copy to let others know what is important to you!

We try to link back to where they're originally from. Sometimes, there are other kinds of links. But we abandoned the idea of linking to where we found each of them because that makes it super messy in some ways.

All of these have basic image descriptions. If you copy one, consider copying the alt text, too! There are different ways to get to the alt text, one is the "Inspect Element" option in Firefox.

Since we're trying to keep most of our website kinda accessible-ish for many people, we have an extra page for all the images that blink, flash, or move more than a little!

believe in the radical power of friendship, on a pastel rainbow background Parental Advisory – I'm an adult yo SF-Lovers (Background is some planet) pink marble Anarchy Now Catscape Meow! 2.0 In the style of Netscape Navigator

Happy Kitty I like a cookie No Party UTF-8 encoded Vim the editor Kate KDE Python OS: Linux Tonari no Totoro Try Firefox Firefox Thunderbird

Stamps are awesome Pink furby with pastel rainbow background stay weird. light green alien face on violet-purple-teal background A trans flag with sparkles Pastel rainbow flag with stars around, it says 'gay' light pastel pink moon on a purpleish blue starry sky pastel pink cat paws on pinker background cute ghosts looking a bit like dripping color metallic shiny tiles? very cybre our pronouns are plural they/them it/its plural system Black Lives Matter


it's ok to have 'weird' beliefs. I support insane otherkin Commit radical acts of love a bat


green glowy stars on black


This user is actually just a worm This user really enjoys dark and stormy nights. This user thinks that moths are cool

A neon-y rainbow and white moon on black I support open source software what looks like slightly glitchy moon, sky and tree branches maybe


always gay for dragons A pink pegasus with rainbow wings moomin

made with my own two paws HTML – Learn it today!


I support Right to Repair!