This is where we put the blinking stuff

PANTONE 2562 C Stardust. A pixely blue-violet-pink gradient with lots of sparkles and a little planet. Cyan and white stars popping up on a pink background I love pastel space. On a flashing background of kinda cloud looking neon pastel things. Full time dreamer Facepalming person with some distortion going throigh it, purple and pink Pink furby with flashing glitchy eyes Secretly a mermaid. Scaly background, teal and purple. I love sleeping wtf is a aesthetic One of those pink grid floors that look kinda cybre or vaporwave maybe and it's moving in your direction I love starry skies


street light ish stars going by


Hello I'm Glitch (blue glittery font from here)



I am the darkness I am a monster kitty looks up, looks around, goes back to sleeps

very pink-in-pink, it says 'soft' and has clouds and sparkles


Join the Fediverse!!! web design is my passion (flashing rainbow text on neocities cat logo) Rainbow Lover