About us


We discovered each other less than a year ago, and apparently we learn new stuff all the time and are sooooo far from "knowing how our plurality works" but apparently it's normal for humans that things change all the time!

I'm not the one who can explain the why, but while I long for a good box to put myself into, as a whole we are sparse on labels. We especially don't categorize ourself by origin, and we don't want any of those labels applied to us, no, not even quoi-genic.

That said, uuuuh I guess my color scheme isn't great for explanations? Like I guess folks who need dark schemes will have the colors inverted so this is black on white for them so I'm wrong for literally everyone, oops. Except for those who like reading both!


We're learning a lot about ourself, and one fascinating thing is how much each of us has changed. I think there is some truth to that Internal Family Systems thing about roles – they're just roles, and it's possible to take on new ones. Granted, we seem to mostly work differently from how the things we've read about IFS describe parts, but if we can pick and choose, many concepts are helpful to us at some point, in some way. I, personally, have discovered that I do have parts in the IFS sense, and so have C. and Lexi. I'd assume that Glitch's "versions" could also be described that way, but I'll leave that up to her. There is definitely some nuance there, since Nora, I and that Felix that appeared once are also to some degree seen as "versions of Glitch", but much more independent. So maybe it's the IFS garlic clove model – Glitch, I, Nora and Felix are parts of some other thing, and I have my parts, and Glitch has her parts.

Hah, I didn't think I would be the one who goes on about IFS. But it's true, I am fascinated by how different concepts are more or less helpful to describe certain aspects of our existence. This is certainly one of them.

But, roles. I have certainly taken the role of a protector, possibly of the Firefighter variety. But so have Nora and Glitch – in this, we seem to diverge from a typical IFS garlic fractal. When I first appeared, I said I was Nora, but meaner. I think I was caught up in my role. Of course I can jump in and mercilessly steer us through all the social inconveniences, sparing us any worry about what others think of us because I simply Do Not Care. But I don't have to be that way. Currently, I am trying to be present, connect with my system mates as well as with outside people, take responsibility for my actions and be good to us and others.